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Welcome to Visionary Solutions! 

A Division of S.M.I.L.E.

Spiritual Miracles
Intentional Living Education

Providing learning opportunities

and the Alchemy of Light Project

with Michelle Marie Angel

It is our greatest opportunity at this time to remember mastery of life energy so that our current major changes serve their evolutionary purpose.   We are sovereign souls who are aware of our ability to consciously create Reality.  We are conveying the information, and tools through spiritual education to evolve into our highest potential.

We are moving forward at this precious time in human history with faith, clarity, and a sense of loving cooperation. We are stepping up to the plate to serve our life purpose of Spirit inspired education and healing. Healing toward Wholeness, we fully support the natural transitions taking place today. Visionary Solutions provides classes, events, programs, and other spiritual services that are opportunities for enlightenment and empowerment. We assist people to activate their soul potential. Together we are regaining our mastery. Come join us!

We are all inspired to use our intuitive creative genius to bring our highest values and most noble qualities into full expression.

This mastery of consciousness

is key to our next step–

it is both immanent and imperative.

It’s time to look at the bigger picture in life.  Why are we here, living a life as a human being?  We are here to evolve our souls, to develop our intelligence, to purify our love.

Visionary Solutions exists and operates to aid in personal and global awakening.  We are here to guide people through difficult times, to lead each one to find their unique potential and purpose, and to live a life of joy and peace—regardless of outer circumstances.

Blessings of love to you!

Michelle Marie Angel

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Live Love

It IS A New World After All

Forever Free

“Royal Reading”

“God’s Gifts” * Angel Cards * Tarot Cards * Alchemy Stone

 “God’s Gifts” – Reading & Soul Strengthening

Six-part reading based on a download from Michelle’s guides.

Parts are Soul Spark, Your Soul’s Blueprint, Your Soul Guides,

Strengthen Connection to the Divine, God’s Gifts,

and Personal Message for Next Step

90 Minutes     *     $140

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Text 541-261-4483 to schedule a reading.

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