Alchemy of Light Ascension

Ascension Mastery Intensive

Twelve Mastery Events

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Alchemy of Light

Ascension Mastery Program 



The Alchemy of Light Ascension Intensive develops spiritual intelligence for those who wish to take the road to mastery.  This master class includes the Alchemy of Light 12 Event Series combined with lessons from Live Love: Master Vision and Vibration to Create A Better World by Michelle Marie Angel.  This class is presented by the author and producer of the original Alchemy of Light event series.

The topics included in the Alchemy of Light Event Series include: Spirit Connection: Hear Your Soul Call, applying the Quantum Physics of Group Consciousness, True Self Realization: Sharing Stories for Awakened Awareness,  Passion, Power, & Purpose, The Rock of Spiritual Perception , Choice, Communication &Cooperation: The Trend of Unity, Energy Mastery & Personal Authority:  Singularity and Sovereignty, The Inner Alchemist, Reciprocity: The Law of Love and Life, The Integrity Model of Consciousness, Vision Lifting & The Creator Perspective, and Life Mastery: The Attuned Intentional Life.

Many lessons will be gleaned from the book Live Love.  Essentially we will learn to master our inner lives through attunement, intention, attention, centeredness, and balance.  We will practice tools that raise and keep our vibrations at the highest level of pure divine unconditional love, compassion, and gratitude.  Each student will become ever more clear on their purpose, passion, and mission in life.  We will learn to master our minds and employ methods to use visioning as an exact science.  Spirit leads the way as we anchor in heart intelligence and Oneness consciousness.  

We will explore the bigger picture of the context of personal transformation and observe the overall shift in the consciousness of humanity–the metaparadigm shift of the Great Awakening.  We will see exactly how this shift is affecting the human family and all of life everywhere.  We will delve into the multi-dimensionality of reality and anchor in the final shift from victim consciousness to becoming conscious creators.

People who come together with the intent of mastering Life Energy form a powerful group of souls who may provide a huge benefit, not only to themselves, but to all of humanity.  The energy experienced by such a united group of souls is sacred, deep, and life-changing.  We will lead the way for humanity to establish a collective Christ Consciousness.