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6 Follow Your Heart

Education Programs

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Follow Your Heart Education Programs

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Rock My World

This is a Leadership Program for Teens and Transformers.

This is an 8 week program to increase Self-Awareness,

and Personal Development to the Level of Leadership.

Development aspects include: Conscience, Communication, Creativity, & Cooperation

This program also teaches values of Integrity, Morals, Ethics, Respect and Manners.

There are 8 weeks that focus on specific topics, and

then there will be an active role in presenting

The Alchemy of Light Ascension Event Series.

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What Makes You Happy?

This is a Beginner’s guide to True-Self Awareness.

Using your heart intelligence, the puzzle pieces of your life experience,

combined with inner exploration with guided questions,

you embark on an amazing path of Self-Discovery.

You are a Golden Child of God, and

your Treasures are infinite.



How to Live Consciously

from the Inside Out

This an Intermediate guide to True-Self Development.

Furthering Self-Discovery and implementing a Holistic Lifestyle,

you delve deeper into the realm of soul to achieve an even

higher level of True-Self expression.

Learn to do a holistic life assessment, and then plan your goals

and set intentions according to a plan that keeps you

in alignment and balanced.

Make action plans.  Set priorities.  Realize great progress!!!


Live Love

This an Advanced guide to True-Self Divine Expression.

This program will aid your ability to realize your full potential as a conscious creator.

You can design your unique spiritual practice

to elicit your gifts to serve humanity

through your soul’s Life Purpose.

You are here to raise the vibration of yourself and the planet;

the whole consciousness of humanity through experience,

and by setting an example to others.

You will express your unique gifts and talents and work in loving

cooperation as an ascended being who embodies the Christ Consciousness.


DreamWriting in the Spirit of Gratitude

This class is based on a college paper written by Michelle Marie at

Southern Oregon University, “Creativity in the Classroom”

It is a an experience that combines development of consciousness, gratitude,  and creativity

through meditation, intentions, visioning, and writing.

It’s a formula for Conscious Creation,

or Manifesting your Dreams come True.

This is a class for writing HerStory and our motto is:

“It hasn’t happened yet, but IT WILL!!!”


New World Vision  – Power of Group Consciousness

This is the 12 X 12 New World Vision Project

We are setting up a network of visioning groups

utilizing the Power of Synergized Group Consciousness.

Our power is increased exponentially as we focus on single,

concise intentions, in unison.

It is a true application of Unity Consciousness

with the objective of improving world conditions

according to the Divine Plan

and implementing innovative solutions.

Conscious Creators United in Consciousness!!!


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