Attention Inward!!

Many people ask me “”How do you meditate?”  There are many different methods of meditation, but the main thing that is the same about all of them is that you direct your attention inward.  Consciously directing attention is a skill that takes time to master, but it is one of the most important things to do when you are consciously developing your Self Awareness and accessing your soul perceptions and powers.

It also takes intention.  If you set the intention to attune to God, you begin on the right track.  You can attune to God by first placing your attention inside your heart and then speaking to God as a friend.  We revere God and feel the knowing that this field of Oneness (Supreme Eternal One, or Father God) is the greater intelligence that is all-powerful, everywhere present, and all-knowing.  This is known as omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient.

From your heart center, communicate with God.  God perception is based on feelings.  Tell God your deepest feeling and greatest concerns.  Ask questions.  You are transmitting when you send your thoughts and feelings to God.  Then go into receptive mode.  Be an observer.  Notice what thoughts and feelings are returned.  Tune your mind to receive ideas and inspiration.

Also intend to feel God’s Presence.  You will feel very peaceful when you contact God.  Just being in the peaceful presence of God relieves you of mental, spiritual, physical, and emotional anxiety.  God is always with you.  Practice that awareness.  The more you meditate and commune with God, the more you establish Peace within.  It is the first and most cherished gift of Spirit.

As far as spiritual practices and tools, there are many methods and instruments you can use to support your inner work.  You may read inspirational books.  Scriptures are very good.  Books about consciousness and ascension help immensely.  You can light a candle, burn some incense, or play soft meditation music.  Just make your environment quiet and peaceful so that you can enjoy stillness.

Some people like guided meditations.  Those are good for beginners and for specific purposes.  However, just feeling the peaceful presence of God and going into God communion is a very rich experience.  Spirit is always present to feed your soul.  You will receive guidance from within.  Inside we are connected to the Oneness of All.  We connect with our guides, angels, masters, and star family.  YOU decide who to connect to.

Be sure to set the intention to only allow the highest love and light that are of God.  Call Archangel Michael to protect you and your space.

After learning the basic steps to meditation, you create your own formula that works for you.  Some people just like to go out in nature and attune to God that way.  It’s all personal and perfect.  Know that your soul is guiding you at all times.

After you get in the practice of meditation, you will probably want to expand your practice and learn grounding and centering techniques.  You may learn to use colors for transmutation.  You will download information and images that light your path toward spiritual evolution.  You will notice synchronicities more often.  You will experience things falling into place.  You will see physical evidence that God hears you and responds.

I hope this help you in some way.  Enjoy your journey.  I love you!

Michelle Marie Angel