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It is my great honor and pleasure to bring out and establish the New World Vision Service Network in 2024.  When I was formulating the basic 6 components to the Follow Your Heart Education initiative, the spirit-inspired notion was impressed upon me to create this “12 X 12 New World Vision” group.  The network will eventually include many groups of 12 with one liaison facilitator for each group.  All groups of 12 will form a worldwide network.

The initial group will be the founding members.  It will start in 2024.  My life and my work are spirit-guided.  Many souls have ascended to higher states of consciousness and resonate on this level of grounded connection with spirit, and of those we will be each guided to form this group together.  I’ll be taking applications for a period of time.  After that, I will read the application and ask to be guided by spirit in making the selection of the first 12 members.

The first 12 members would be totally committed to a long journey of spiritual service.  An inner soul knowing of being part of this group will be felt strongly in the heart and soul.  Even if there is an inkling that it may be a part of your journey, I’d be happy to read your thoughts and ideas.  When I give soul readings, I also give guidance as to a soul’s direction according to the soul’s blueprint and other spiritual factors.  Therefore, even if one is not selected to be part of the group, some soul guidance will be given.

Our service involves using synergized group consciousness to establish a clear vision of our New World.  This is all spirit-guided and based on God’s Divine Plan.   We will meet on Zoom once per month for 1 hour.  However, we will establish email communication to share ideas and we may have administration meetings to discuss details of group dynamics.

If you are a natural Visionary, and feel called to be of service to humanity, you are cordially invited to join this network.

In addition to the New World Vision Service Network, there are manifesting groups provided by Michelle Marie Angel where we envision personal intentions, and a global vision.  Everybody can participate!!!

If you are interested in becoming a part of this group, please send an email to: and write “New World Vision inquiry” in the subject area.  There will be a small fee for processing the application, but at this point the amount is determined by you and can be processed through the donation button on the contact page.

If you have come to this page, thank you for your interest.  In addition, if you resonate with this work at all you are a Starseed, LightWorker, and Light Warrior and I thank you for your service in our world.  We are all here working in loving cooperation to express our unique soul gifts as service to humanity at this time.  Good luck on your mission!!!

Blessings of Love and Peace,

Michelle Marie Angel